MEET is a place were you can buy graphic and photographic art pieces by the photographers Gyrithe Lemche, Kristina Demant, Marie Louise Munkegaard, Sarah Sanctuary Williams and Kristina Kordovsky. It’s a place were creativity is free and new art projects will be launched, based on the mutual interest of the unique in photography and graphic art.

It all started with Gyrithe, Kristina and Marie Louise. They met each other at the Danish school of Photography back in 2006, where they became close friends. Since then they have also worked as colleagues and used each other professionally. A wish to work even more together and benefit from each others creativity, they decided to start an art collective online. By that, they have a place where they can show their artistic work, that is different and more personal than their commercial photography work. Today they have invited Sarah and Kristina to join Papermoiselle.

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