top of page is a multi-disciplinary art studio led by Gyrithe Lemche, Kristina Demant, Sarah Sanctuary Williams and Kristina Kordovsky. We work with photography, graphic design, collages and plant dyed, textile wall hangings. It is our free space where we benefit from each other’s creativity and encourage our individual growth as artists, with a common interest in the unique.

It’s a place where creativity runs free and new art projects are launched on an ongoing basis.


We focus on creating forward-thinking, subconscious-filled artworks that links both them and the viewers to their intuition. Our practice employs a unique blend of technical craftsmanship and playful, emotionally-striking aesthetics to invite their audience to reflect on the relationship between the physical and the intangible, the prevalent and the intimate – as well as the evolving relationships between our physical selves and our creative and spiritual evolution.

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